Step 1: Bring Your Gold to UsStep 2: Gold Test on a Niton XL2 AnalyserStep 3: Get CASH for Your Gold!
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We Strive to Pay the Highest Prices

At JM Cash N Gold Services we strive to pay the highest prices in Perth and 10% more than the Mint for scrap gold. We insure that our weekly prices are updated daily and are the correct prices paid on the day.

Transparent and Honest Transactions 
We test and weigh your gold in plain view so that you can see what you are being paid for. Expect lower than advertised prices from Gold Buyers who take gold out the back for testing, use bait pricing or outdated daily price information.
We Analyse Gold With X-Ray Fluorescent Technology 
We use the modern and reliable Niton XRF precious metal analyser to accurately test your gold with laboratory quality results. If outdated and unreliable acid tests are being used then most likely your gold is being tested at a lower karat and you are being underpaid.
Sell Securely In Store To A Trusted Family Business 

We are a Police licensed Gold Buyer with extensive experience in the gold buying industry, feel safe dealing directly with the business owners in store at their secure and inviting premises.